Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele is by far the easiest and most affordable instrument that we offer lessons for.
It is small, portable, inexpensive and super fun to play!
It is also a great option for our young aspiring rock stars (7 years or younger) because contrary to guitar it has a much easier learning curve especially in the beginning 6 months.
It is also a great instrument for people looking to just have a fun time with a new hobby or for those musicians that want to add an secondary instrument so they can work on songwriting or overall expand their musical possibilities.
So give us a call today to schedule your first private ukulele lesson with one of our instructors.
Private Ukulele lessons are $26.50 for 30 min (Once a week minimum)
All classes are charged per month and in advance.
We have a $35 one time registration fee/ $20 for siblings.
All students are required to provide a debit card or credit card to be used for recurring monthly payments.

Ukulele Lessons in Pembroke Pines