For us at The Hit Music Studio, it's a priority to make musical instruction fun and that's precisely the way we teach it. At The Hit Music Studio, we understand that the reason students music lessons is to learn music they like, and based on this we have developed a unique method of teaching based on music that is popular with our customers.

Owned and directed by Diego Carvajal, a professional musician with over 20 years of experience in touring, musical production and musical direction, The Hit Music Studio has a unique approach to musical instruction that has proven to be successful since 2007. We serve over 700 customers weekly in our 2 Broward County Music Schools.

Every week we create our own transcriptions of the songs currently in the Billboard charts. This allows us to have a unique library of songs that students can learn on any instrument because most of those songs need to be adapted to the level of our students. On an average week we have at least 5 of the top 10 songs in the country available for our students to learn and enjoy in their specific instrument which makes their more motivated and more likely to succeed in our programs.
We believe students need to have a relationship with the material that they are learning, and our teachers go the extra mile to find the music that inspires and motivates them every week.

Unlike other music schools we don't sell, rent or repair instruments or sell books, which allows us to concentrate all of our energy, time and passion into music lessons and student concerts.

Group lessons are offered for Piano, Electric Guitar and Voice.
Group lessons are $16.50 per class of 45 minutes (once a week minimum).

Private lessons are offered for Piano, Guitar (Acoustic or Electric), Voice, Drums and Bass.
Private lessons are $26.50 per class of 30 minutes (once a week minimum)
or $53 for 1 hour (once a week minimum).

Registration fee is $35 first student, and $20 for a second sibling.
All classes are charged per month and in advance, minimum of 1 class per week.
Classes need to be paid in full for them to be scheduled.
All students are required to provide a debit or credit card to be used for recurring monthly payments.
We are so confident about the quality of our classes that we offer money back guarantee (Within the first 2 weeks) Contact our front desk for details.

For more information about our classes, please call
West Davie Music lessons at (954) 990-7977
Pembroke Pines Music Lessons at (954) 432-3900